Public Consultations
The deadline to offer feedback to the Police and Crime Commissioner's council tax precept proposal has now passed. Thank you for taking the opportunity to have your say. A report summarising the feedback received is available here.

This feedback helped the Commissioner determine the policing precept for 2017/18.
The OPCC has produced a report which summarises the feedback received from the Safer in Kent 2017-2021: Autumn 2016 survey. In addition the raw data has been made publicly available within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet although, in order to protect the anonymity of individual organisations’ feedback, the names of organisations have been replaced with a description of the type of organisation which responded. The PCC invites members of the public and partners to review the spreadsheet and draw their own conclusions.

This feedback helped the Commissioner create his Safer in Kent: The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan for 2017-2021.
A report summarising the feedback received from the recent Restorative Justice survey is available here. Thank you to all who responded.

This feedback which will help shape the provision of Restorative Justice services in Kent beyond October 2017.

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